Our CCTV systems are suitable for home or business regardless of size. We can supply and install a system that meets your budget and requirements.

We can upgrade your old analogue system with a new HD DVR which will work along side your old cameras and any new HD cameras you require.

All our camera's, DVR's and monitors are FULL 1080P HD (High Definition). We only use the latest technology and regularly attend training courses to keep up to date with new products and features.

All our systems are fitted in line with the SSAIB code of practice. The Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) is the leading certification body for organisations providing security systems and services.

Our CCTV systems can be controlled anywhere in the world using a Smart phone App and can be integrated to work alongside our Intruder Alarm Apps.

We have CCTV on display at our showroom in Dalgety Bay and offer live demonstrations with all the features below and more.

Our systems have many features as standard:

  • Continous or Motion Record - Records 24/7 or only when movement is detected. The system can also be set up to have a mixture of both. When in motion record the DVR can send a video alert if motion is detected.
  • Different Views - These are some of the views available. With simple click and drag to customise your view
  • Digital Zoom - Can zoom in to get a closer look at the image.
  • Privacy Mask - This is used if there is an area which you would not like to see or record and up to four areas can be masked off.
  • Video Loss - If a camera stopped working alerts can be set up. This can either be an audible noise, entering full screen on the monitor or a video clip sent straight to you device.
  • Video Tampering - If someone covers the camera or attemps to take it down, the system wil send an alert. This can either be an audible noise, entering full screen on the monitor or a video clip straight to you device. 
  • Line crossing / Intruder detection  - This is used if you want to know if an area is breached, the system can be set up to receive alert either by an audible noise, entering full screen on the monitor or a video clip straight to your device.

Our Wifi Indoor Cube Camera

Wifi Indoor Cube Camera Video

Our Wifi PT Mini Dome Camera

Wifi PT Mini Dome Camera Video

These cracking Indoor WiFi camera's have fantastic day and night vision, both are full HD 2MP resolution,10 meters night vision with 120db wide dynamic range and records straight to a SD card so no DVR is required. The camera's are connected to your wifi router and are easy to move around the building or alternatively can be fixed to a wall or ceiling.

The Indoor Cube Camera has a built in microphone and speaker which supports two way audio and the Mini Dome PT camera comes with pan & tilt option which can be controlled using our Smart App.

These camera's can be used on their own or can be connected to our CCTV systems.

CCTV Smart App

Our Smart App allows you to control your CCTV from anywhere in the world. 

Watch live footage of the cameras, view the video playback, take snap shots of the current images and record a film clip straight to your mobile device. 

See the video for a full demonstration.

For our Commercial Clients we can supply CCTV with more advanced features.