Advanced CCTV


For Commercial Clients we can offer more if our standard CCTV Systems are not enough. With our advanced range they have all the features from our CCTV page and more depending on the cameras installed.

All our CCTV systems comply with the SSAIB code of practice ensuring a quality installation.

ANPR Camera’s

ANPR Automatic number-plate recognition is a technology used by police forces around the world for law enforcement purposes, including to check if a vehicle is registered or licensed. It is also be used for electronic toll collection on pay-per-use roads and as a method of cataloguing the movements of traffic, for example by highways agencies.

Face Detection

Face Detection technology can accurately detect human faces, capture facial images, and trigger an alarm if required. This can be a handy feature to have if you own a shop / pub / nightclub / petrol station etc. If someone has been banned from your site you can upload there facial image to the database so if they come in again your CCTV system will alert you they are on the site. This can also be used to detect when VIP visitors are on site.

The People Counting Cameras

The People Counting Cameras are usually installed vertically to the entrance of hotels, supermarkets, museums, etc. The number of people that enter and exit the building can be counted and displayed on the screen in real time. You can check the log to see how the store is performing that day / week / month or year.

Point of sale Till Camera

Point Of Sale (POS) systems are vulnerable to fraud or theft from staff. Integrating your POS with CCTV cameras will enable you to see live transaction data overlay on top of the actual CCTV footage. This increases your till’s (or Cash register) security significantly.

POS integration is not just a CCTV camera looking at your till. It is combining transaction data from cash register with CCTV video.

 Scene change detection

 Scene change detection is If someone moves the camera’s viewing direction so that the   camera captures a different scene. The camera will automatically detect the event and   trigger alarms to notify the system manager.

Unattended Baggage


Unattended Baggage is If an object(s) is removed from a scene (e.g., baggage, purse, dangerous materials, etc.), the camera will automatically detect the event and can trigger alarms to notify the relevant person


PTZ Camera

The PTZ (pan tilt and zoom) Cameras pictured are from some recent installations. They can be mounted to a building or on a tower as pictured. The cameras can be manually controlled by the user to move up/down/left/right or set up on a self scan to cover the areas you like. Please check out our video to see the camera in action.

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