Emergency Lighting


DAC SECURITY can Design, Install, Commission and Maintain your emergency lighting needs.

Installing emergency lights in your premises is not just about showing users the fire exits. Lights must be carefully located to provide sufficient illumination according to the different areas of a premises and must conform to the latest legislation BS 5266pt 1:2011.

Emergency Lighting should be provided along escape routes / At every change in direction / Adjacent to any step or trip hazard / Over every flight of stairs so each tread receives direct light / Near to fire fighting equipment / Near to fire alarm break glass call points / Close to any first aid points / Outside each final exit door / Close to fire alarm control equipment.

After Installation the lighting units should be maintained ensuring continued compliance is ongoing.  There are certain requirements you as the 'responsible person' are obliged to carry out or arrange to have carried out. We can help you with your Emergency Lighting Testing, providing monthly testing, quarterly testing or annual testing.

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